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We pride ourselves on empowering potentially world changing businesses with the creative messages they need to inspire change and achieve their visions of success. We craft communications that deliver meaning through context that your audience relate to and understand simply.

Bespoke Visual Communication Strategies

Achieving business success inevitably requires effective communication. An effective communication strategy inspires change, drives action and delivers key information effortlessly that entertains the intended audience.

Why visual communications? An estimated 65% of the population are visual learners. It is estimated that 80% of people remember what they see while only 20% remember what they read. As little as 10% of people remember what they hear.

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Multiple Creative Mediums


Using the out of this world versatility of both 2D & 3D animation to create compelling visuals


Compelling story-telling from the eye of the camera, creating relatable and beautiful video productions

Graphic Design

Eye-catching graphic design applied to create aesthetically pleasing layouts and imagery


Crisp photography with expert lighting for capturing the essence of a moment

At Ascendant Studio we utilize the best combination of a variety of creative mediums to ensure your message gets delivered through stunning visuals. Our team of experts will ensure each project is delivered to precise specification with an emphasis on the quality of the visual message. We work to understand the needs of your message thoroughly to allow us to assign the right creatives and utilise the mediums that best lend themselves to delivering the core of the message.

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